How to Replace Your Windows During the Holidays

There’s no doubt about it; replacing your windows is a great choice. Not only will you enjoy solutions that make your home more efficient, but you’ll be able to select from styles that speak to your unique aesthetic.

However, window replacement doesn’t always have to occur at the same time of the year. Traditionally, homeowners take on new window installations during the summer months, as the temperature can be more bearable. But this isn’t always the case—and in this blog, we’ll tell you all about best practices for replacing your windows in the winter.

Before we tell you about holiday window replacement, we thought you might want to know more about us. Since 2005, Paradise Home Improvement has been a top-rated window company in the Carolinas, offering a wide range of solutions. Even earning a handful of awards and accolades, including an A+ rating from the BBB, being listed as a Top 500 Remodeler, and more—we’re the window installation experts that you can trust.

Best Practices for Holiday Window Replacement

Replacing your windows during the holidays isn’t as simple as it is in the summer months. Given the conditions outside and the busy schedules of home improvement companies during this time, it becomes a little more complicated. When you’re hiring a window replacement contractor, you should check with them to make sure that they implement the following best practices:

  • Replace One Window at a Time: No one wants their home to become a freezer. By replacing one window at a time, you’ll be able to keep your indoor area more thermally controlled.
  • Implement Barriers: When the openings are on the larger side, make sure that your window installer is covering the openings with a plastic layer.
  • Watch the Doors: In order to keep the temperature within your home maintained, you’ll want to reduce the number of times your entryway doors are opened.
  • Keep It Clean: In the winter, it’s common to track mud and snow inside. Make sure that the window company you’ve chosen to hire comes prepared with tarps, booties, and other methods of keeping your home clean.

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When Choosing Replacement Windows, Does the Solar Heat Gains Rating Matter?

Solar Heat Gains and Losses—What’s the Big Deal?

Not all replacement windows are the same. They don’t have the same glass, and window features can vary greatly, as can the energy-efficient performance of various windows.

Before you select the product you want for your window replacement, take a moment to understand the importance of the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC).

Solar radiation is the main way that energy transfers through windows. The windows’ SHGC indicates how much heat transfers through the glass. Too low of a rating, and you won’t enjoy the benefit of solar heat penetration during the winter. Too high of a rating, and your home will take in too much of the heat during the summer.

The SHGC rating is between 0 and 1, and the ideal rating for your home depends on your location, the sun’s direction, and how much shading is on your home. Your window company can help you choose windows with the ideal SHGC rating for your home.

Ideally, you want to find the perfect balance that provides optimal performance in both summer and winter. By doing so, you’ll maximize energy efficiency, take some of the stress off your HVAC system, and enjoy a more comfortable home in every season.


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Paradise Home Improvement installs high-performance windows with premium features like ERG™ Energy Reflective Glass. Our Paradise Super Window™ has earned ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient Rating, and they provide the money-saving performance you want.

Contact our window company today for a consultation and an accurate cost estimate. Our experienced window installation specialists will take the time to explain all the features of our windows, including SHGC, and help you choose windows that will help you save in every season!

How to Know It Is Time for New Windows

Replacing the windows in your home may seem intimidating at first, but if you choose the right replacement window company, the process can be simple and stress-free. If you are having difficulty trying to decide whether or not it’s time to replace your windows, keep reading to learn some of the warning signs.

If you notice that your window is sagging, meaning the frame is not straight but droopy, you should look to replace the window. Some of the other common warning signs include: the sills/frames are soft or pliable; there is streaking or moisture build up in between the glass panes; the windows won’t shut/open correctly; and locks won’t latch. The most widespread problem people see with old windows is if they feel extreme hot or cold pockets, or a draft, when standing directly in front of them. At Paradise, we offer a variety of window styles and custom options to fit your home.

The replacement windows company you choose should be able to provide you with their windows’ energy ratings and features. These ratings guarantee that your window meets certain mandated guidelines regarding energy efficiency. Vinyl windows are an energy-efficient option and can to decrease your heating and cooling costs. Quality window construction and expert installation are a must. You can also ask about the company’s custom window options, such as colors, hardware options and designer glass.

Energy-efficient replacement windows improve the overall environment of your home by keeping your space warmer during the winter months and cooler during the summer. Energy-efficient replacement windows with Low-E coating also offer UV protection, which can reduce the fading of your walls, carpet, flooring, and furniture due to sunlight. New windows can improve your home’s curb appeal and can increase its value. Paradise replacement windows are exquisitely crafted with care and expert precision specifically for your home.

Investing in replacement windows is no small matter, so of course, you want the best products and services possible. If you’re looking for a window replacement company, we hope you will consider Paradise. We offer a variety of window styles, competitive pricing on total home window replacement, and high-quality replacement window installation services offered by skillful and courteous experts!


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The Ins and Outs of Window Warranties

Installing new windows in your home is an easy process with the right contracting company. But, understanding the documentation that comes with those windows isn’t so simple. Turns out window warranties can be quite complicated. Let’s clear things up a bit.

What Window Style Is Right for You?

When it comes to finding the right windows for your home, there are plenty of factors to consider before making a decision. Windows ideally should accent your home’s architectural style, secure ventilation, block the sun out or let it shine, and complement the interior for each room.  Most homes feature more than one type of window, so it’s important to consider the pro’s and con’s of each option to make sure your space reflects your needs and personal style.

6 Reasons Your Home Needs New Windows

It can be intimidating to think about the needs of your home. Regular maintenance and upkeep costs time and money, and keeping your home in great condition without spending a fortune can seem like a challenge. The thing about home remodeling is that staying on top of your home’s repairs and replacement needs will cost you far less in the long run. Ignoring problems can backfire and turn into larger problems that really do cost a fortune to fix.

If you’ve been avoiding the issue of your home’s windows for a while, know that windows in bad condition can only get worse. Water damaged windows can suffer from mold growth and even cause structural damage that spreads to the foundation. Bad windows can also be a security liability, and will negatively affect your home’s energy-efficiency and your utility bill costs.

The good news is that window replacement doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. In fact, with the right contractors by your side, replacement window projects are quick, easy, and even affordable. If you’re in need of some inspiration for your next window replacement project, take a look at these signs from our expert window contractors at Paradise Home Improvement and find out whether now is the right time for new energy-efficient windows.

Drafty Windows

If you stand close to your windows on a windy day, can you feel a draft blowing in the house? When windows are drafty, this is a sign of a leak or a damaged frame and could mean that it’s time for a replacement.

Drafty windows lead to a number of problems, including excessive energy loss, higher utility bills, and fast deterioration should water and moisture become trapped inside the windows and frames. If this is the case, have a contractor come and perform an inspection to see whether repairs or replacement should be scheduled.

It’s a Struggle to Open or Close Your Windows

Stuck windows are not always a cause for replacement. Sometimes, windows are difficult to open and close because they haven’t been cleaned properly—and dust and residue build-up lead to sticky, hard-to-move window sashes. Another cause is paint that dries and glues the window in place. Both of these causes are easy to remedy—and won’t require window replacement.

On the other hand, windows that are hard to open and close could be suffering from mechanical issues or a bad installation. If you’ve tried cleaning the windows or lubricating the tracks and without seeing improvement, give your contractor a call to perform an inspection. You could need window repairs or a replacement, depending on the severity of the issue that’s causing the problem.

Water Damage

Water stains, discoloration, or mold or mildew growth around the window are all signs of a water-damaged window. Another sign of water damage is moisture or humidity trapped between the panes. Water damage left unchecked can lead to rotting window frames and deterioration of the walls in your home, and also mold growth and other issues. 

Water damaged windows are almost always in need of immediate replacement to prevent further deterioration. For best results, contact a professional contractor right away for a consultation.

Cheap Quality Windows

Single-pane glass windows are outdated and low-functioning. If your home is equipped with single-pane windows or an equally low-quality window product, don’t hesitate to plan a replacement right away.

By replacing your home’s inferior windows with high-quality, energy-efficient windows made with low-E glass and other important features, you can expect savings of up to 25% or more on your monthly utility bills.

Windows Can’t Be Repaired

If your home’s windows have been discontinued since installation, it might be difficult to find replacement parts that are necessary to make repairs.

If this is the case, you may have to settle with replacement instead. This usually happens when windows are old and phased out, so take the opportunity to upgrade with energy-efficient windows that modernize the look and functionality of your home.

They’re Ugly

Finally, take a look at your home and notice whether its windows add or detract from its overall aesthetic appearance. Windows are an important component to the overall look of your property, and can dramatically impact the way it shows from the street and from the interior, too.

If your windows are old and outdated, or simply ugly, consider replacing them with gorgeous, brand-new replacement windows. The right windows can add considerable beauty and curb appeal to boost your home’s aesthetic look and overall value.

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Picking Out the Functional Features of Your Replacement Windows

Thinking about replacing your home windows? It is a lot of fun dreaming about the design options you’ll have available, from frame colors and materials to window shapes. Of course, you’ll also want to think about the more functional features of your replacement windows too.

How to Detect Drafty Windows

Drafty windows can put an unnecessary strain on your wallet. Although we are beginning to come to the end of the cooler months, summer is just around the corner! This brings higher energy costs with increased usage. Don’t let your money leak through drafty windows, check to see if any of your windows are compromised!

Candle test

You’ll want to first turn off any fans, AC, and furnace that may cause any sort of airflow in the room. Next, you’ll take a candle or incense stick and light it. Hold your candle near the seams of the window and watch for movement in the flame/smoke (you’ll want to move slowly as you do this to ensure you aren’t causing any air movement yourself). Be sure to write down which windows show signs of a draft.

Check for loose windows

When checking for loose windows you can use a simple piece of paper! You’ll open your window, then place your piece of paper on the sill and close the window. Next, try to pull the paper out, if you can remove it easily without it tearing, there’s a chance that air is able to pass through as well.

High-tech tools

Infrared thermometers are great for detecting air leaks around doors and windows. If you have access to one, this will be the most scientific way to detect drafts. When using one of these devices you’ll measure the temperature of air around the window and door, if there’s a cloud of cool air surrounding your window, you’ve found a drafty window.

Visual check

Examine the caulking between the frame and your window, if there is noticeable weathering this may be a potential place for air leakage. Another way to visually examine your window is to dim the room that you are checking and look to see any light that may be coming in around your window frame.


If you believe you have a drafty window, the best thing to do is schedule an inspection/free quote with a professional, like Paradise Home Improvement. Trusting your home with experienced professionals is no easy task, with hundreds of happy customers, we provide the care and quality work homeowners expect. Ready to take the next step? You can find more educational information, like how to stop window condensation and window privacy ideas, throughout our website!

Don’t Wait Until Summer to Replace Your Windows! Why Spring Is the Most Cost-Effective Season for Window Installations

The windows of your home are one of the most useful and important features. Windows are an important component of your home’s exterior and interior aesthetic appeal. Great windows offer views of the outdoors, open up the home with natural light, and circulate clean air into the home.

However, windows don’t last forever. Old and worn-out windows in need of replacement can work against the flow of your home, decreasing its aesthetic appeal, limiting energy-efficiency and performance, and costing you more money to heat and cool your home.

If your windows are in need of replacement, waiting until the weather gets warmer isn’t always the best decision. While the summer season has its own set of benefits, many homeowners find that spring is one of the best times of the year for completing all kinds of home improvement projects—window replacement included. In fact, having them installed over the spring months can save you plenty of time and money when compared to getting them done in the high season.

Take a look at this guide to spring replacement windows from Paradise Home Improvement and decide whether it’s really worth it to wait on your next window

What Is the Window Replacement Process?

Choosing to replace your windows is a big decision but it comes with a lot of perks! New windows can increase your energy efficiency, improve your curb appeal, protect you against the elements, and help you save on your electric bills. If you’re on the fence about a window replacement, you might be wondering what the process looks like. Here’s how we tackle our window replacement projects:

Step 1. Request a FREE quote with our team of experts.

The first step is to assess your current situation and see what types of windows you need to replace. We offer a wide variety of options and our team of experts will walk you through the benefits of each one to help you choose what’s best for you and your home.

At the end of the appointment, you will receive a comprehensive quote – including that month’s offers and financing options – and the opportunity to sign right then and there!

When you request a quote through our website, we can usually come out within the week!

Step 2. A crew member comes out for measurements.

Once your project has officially started, one of our expert installers will arrive to get the exact measurements of each window. The perfect fit is critical for a quality install.

It can take anywhere from one to two weeks after the contract is signed to schedule an appointment to take measurements.

Step 3. Your materials are ordered.

After the measurements, your windows are ordered from our top-of-the-line manufacturers. They will custom make your windows to fit perfectly. This process can take from six to nine weeks, depending on the size of the windows.

Step 4. Materials arrive & an installation appointment is scheduled.

Once we have your materials ready, we’ll call to schedule an installation appointment. Installation typically only takes one day and is done one window at a time to prevent your HVAC system from working overtime. We use tarps to protect furniture and other belongings from any dust or construction debris. We also clean up the area entirely after the installation so it’ll be like we were never there – except for your beautiful new windows, of course!

Step 5. Inspection and final details

After everything has been installed, the inspection appointment is made to guarantee our work. Any other details are resolved at this point and your warranty paperwork is delivered.

Because of our window warranties, for any issues that arise over the years, our customers can submit a service request online. Our professionals will then confirm an appointment to fill the request.

As you can see, replacing your windows takes a little time and patience, but the end result is so worth it! Ready to start your very own project? Learn more about our window styles and read reviews here. Then, request a free quote online now!