5 Remodeling Projects to Add Value to Your Home

Whether you just moved into a new place, or have lived in the same home for years, now is the ideal time to plan any home renovation or remodeling projects.  Not sure where to start? Consider these 5 home improvement projects that will not only add value to your home but ensure the maximum ROI if you move within the next few years.

What Window Style Is Right for You?

When it comes to finding the right windows for your home, there are plenty of factors to consider before making a decision. Windows ideally should accent your home’s architectural style, secure ventilation, block the sun out or let it shine, and complement the interior for each room.  Most homes feature more than one type of window, so it’s important to consider the pro’s and con’s of each option to make sure your space reflects your needs and personal style.

Costly Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

A bathroom renovation is one of the most popular home remodeling projects for homeowners every year, and for good reason. Bathrooms are one of the biggest selling points of a home, and even minor improvements can yield high returns when it’s time to list your home for sale.

Furthermore, bathroom remodeling gives homeowners a chance to update the aesthetics, showcase personal style, and ultimately to have the dream shower they’ve always wanted.

However, despite the many benefits of bathroom remodeling and the popularity of this household project, it can also be an intimidating project for many homeowners. The reason for this is simple: a lot of things can go wrong in a renovation. It’s true that mistakes can happen, but when these mistakes are costly, a decision to remodel a bathroom can turn into a high-stress problem.

At Paradise Home Improvement, we’re a local’s number one choice for high-quality home remodeling. We’ve been helping homeowners enhance their homes with beautiful bathroom renovations for over 50 years and have seen first-hand what happens when bad contractors and DIY projects go wrong. The key to a successful result lies in the experience and professionalism of your contractor, and in avoiding these most common mistakes homeowners make when starting a bathroom renovation.

Six Mistakes to Avoid

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a bathroom renovation project. Unfortunately, the impulse to rush through a renovation without properly planning it first is where most mistakes occur. If you want to feel confident that your next project is a guaranteed success, then make sure to avoid these pitfalls.

  • Messing with the Plumbing: It can be tempting to move the bathroom fixtures. Maybe you always felt like the sink would be better on the other side of the room. However, plumbing work is best left to the professionals. New plumbing is costly and is an absolute requirement when you reposition a toilet, shower, or sink in another spot. Instead, have an experienced contractor plan and execute a layout reconfiguration for the best outcome.

  • Lack of Vision: If you have great ideas for your bathroom redesign, go ahead and share them with an experienced interior designer. Your bathroom remodeling team will want to create a space that truly reflects your vision, so be sure to communicate clearly. Don’t leave the vision up to the designer completely—this can result in a bathroom style that you’re not happy with.

  • No Contracts: Don’t neglect to get a fixed-price contract in place before work begins. You need to know exactly what is being charged, at what rate, and detailed materials and labor cost sheets. While you’re at it, make sure that the contractor is experienced, licensed, and comes with excellent references before agreeing to anything.

  • Beauty Without Function: There are some truly beautiful bathrooms out there. With the right planning and execution, yours can be one of them. However, it’s critical that the bathroom remains functional. Unlike the living room or bedroom, the bathroom actually works for you. It’s where you bathe, wash your hands, use the facilities, and more. To that end, make sure your design is stylish but that it also allows for safety, accessibility, and comfort, too.
  • Compromising on Labor: We get it. Labor is an expensive cost. It’s also a worthwhile cost when done right. Don’t make the mistake of hiring strictly by the lowest price. You could be a victim to poor quality, unlicensed contractors, expensive repairs and replacements, and more. When it comes to labor, you truly get what you pay for. Make sure you choose a contractor that offers fair labor pricing while maintaining a good reputation and expertise.

  • Lack of Funds: Without a solid remodeling contract in place with a reputable, experienced contractor, you simply won’t know what to expect as far as cost. DIY projects and remodeling work done by less experienced or unlicensed contractors tend to cost more than expected. This is mostly due to poor planning, lack of expertise, rising materials costs, and problems that come up during the renovation. Many renovations fail because the customer runs out of money before the project is finished. Before you start the project, be sure to set up reserve funds for those unforeseen expenditures—or skip doubt entirely and get a fixed-price contract from a reputable remodeling company.

Ranked as South Carolina’s number one remodeling team, Paradise Home Improvement is proud to offer a wide range of bathroom remodeling services to our customers. From walk-in tubs to bath conversions, full bath renovations, and more, we specialize in beautiful bathroom transformations and one-day remodeling services for homeowners in Knoxville and beyond.

Ready to explore your bathroom renovation options? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional remodeling services or fill out our online form to schedule your free, in-home pricing estimate and design consultation.

6 Reasons Your Home Needs New Windows

It can be intimidating to think about the needs of your home. Regular maintenance and upkeep costs time and money, and keeping your home in great condition without spending a fortune can seem like a challenge. The thing about home remodeling is that staying on top of your home’s repairs and replacement needs will cost you far less in the long run. Ignoring problems can backfire and turn into larger problems that really do cost a fortune to fix.

If you’ve been avoiding the issue of your home’s windows for a while, know that windows in bad condition can only get worse. Water damaged windows can suffer from mold growth and even cause structural damage that spreads to the foundation. Bad windows can also be a security liability, and will negatively affect your home’s energy-efficiency and your utility bill costs.

The good news is that window replacement doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. In fact, with the right contractors by your side, replacement window projects are quick, easy, and even affordable. If you’re in need of some inspiration for your next window replacement project, take a look at these signs from our expert window contractors at Paradise Home Improvement and find out whether now is the right time for new energy-efficient windows.

Drafty Windows

If you stand close to your windows on a windy day, can you feel a draft blowing in the house? When windows are drafty, this is a sign of a leak or a damaged frame and could mean that it’s time for a replacement.

Drafty windows lead to a number of problems, including excessive energy loss, higher utility bills, and fast deterioration should water and moisture become trapped inside the windows and frames. If this is the case, have a contractor come and perform an inspection to see whether repairs or replacement should be scheduled.

It’s a Struggle to Open or Close Your Windows

Stuck windows are not always a cause for replacement. Sometimes, windows are difficult to open and close because they haven’t been cleaned properly—and dust and residue build-up lead to sticky, hard-to-move window sashes. Another cause is paint that dries and glues the window in place. Both of these causes are easy to remedy—and won’t require window replacement.

On the other hand, windows that are hard to open and close could be suffering from mechanical issues or a bad installation. If you’ve tried cleaning the windows or lubricating the tracks and without seeing improvement, give your contractor a call to perform an inspection. You could need window repairs or a replacement, depending on the severity of the issue that’s causing the problem.

Water Damage

Water stains, discoloration, or mold or mildew growth around the window are all signs of a water-damaged window. Another sign of water damage is moisture or humidity trapped between the panes. Water damage left unchecked can lead to rotting window frames and deterioration of the walls in your home, and also mold growth and other issues. 

Water damaged windows are almost always in need of immediate replacement to prevent further deterioration. For best results, contact a professional contractor right away for a consultation.

Cheap Quality Windows

Single-pane glass windows are outdated and low-functioning. If your home is equipped with single-pane windows or an equally low-quality window product, don’t hesitate to plan a replacement right away.

By replacing your home’s inferior windows with high-quality, energy-efficient windows made with low-E glass and other important features, you can expect savings of up to 25% or more on your monthly utility bills.

Windows Can’t Be Repaired

If your home’s windows have been discontinued since installation, it might be difficult to find replacement parts that are necessary to make repairs.

If this is the case, you may have to settle with replacement instead. This usually happens when windows are old and phased out, so take the opportunity to upgrade with energy-efficient windows that modernize the look and functionality of your home.

They’re Ugly

Finally, take a look at your home and notice whether its windows add or detract from its overall aesthetic appearance. Windows are an important component to the overall look of your property, and can dramatically impact the way it shows from the street and from the interior, too.

If your windows are old and outdated, or simply ugly, consider replacing them with gorgeous, brand-new replacement windows. The right windows can add considerable beauty and curb appeal to boost your home’s aesthetic look and overall value.

Affordable, No-Hassle Window Replacement from Paradise Home Improvement

At Paradise Home Improvement, you can expect to receive nothing less than the outstanding quality products, reliable installations, and award-winning customer service we’re known for throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Whether you need siding installation, replacement windows, and doors, roofing installation and repairs, or other home remodeling services—our expert team of professionals is here to help you find the best and most affordable solutions to make your home remodeling experience easy and hassle-free.


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