4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Energy Efficient

When we talk about energy efficiency, we’re usually talking about windows. However, your bathroom is another area that can significantly impact your carbon footprint and your energy bills. You probably know that your water heater plays a significant role in your electricity bill, but did you know moving water to and from your home also takes electricity? Let’s dive into how you can #GoGreen with your bathroom!

1. Don’t Forget About the Bathroom Extractor Fan

Extractor fans control odors within the bathroom and take away moisture from the space, preventing your bathroom and mirror from fogging up. While it’s helpful, it’s a big source of energy consumption. Unfortunately, after turning it on, it can be easily forgotten! Make sure that you’re using the fan only when necessary and for as short a time as possible.

Over time, the effectiveness of older fans can diminish, so be sure to check that your extractor fan is doing everything you need it to. Switching to an updated fan can decrease energy consumption and help keep moisture away from your walls more effectively. This is a popular upgrade in our bathroom remodels.

2. Turn Down the Temperature on Your Water Heater

Water heaters are famous for being one of the most significant energy-draining appliances within your home! It regulates the heat of your water but works in the background, so most people don’t pay them much attention. The standard default temperature is set at 140 degrees, twenty degrees higher than what is recommended! Drop the temperature to 120 degrees to cut the cost of energy while also being kinder to your pipes and extending their life.

If your home still has a tank water heater (they store hot water and run continuously to maintain the warm temperature), switching to a new, tankless water heater is another great way to conserve energy.

3. Switch to LED Lights

This may be the most effortless switch! If your bathroom is too bright, slightly unscrewing the extra bulbs will immediately cut down on energy use. If you want to go the extra mile, switching out your traditional CFL light bulbs for LED bulbs will lower your energy usage – plus, they can last more than 20x as long!

4. Save Water

Since moving water to and from your house also raises energy usage, saving water is another way to conserve electricity. Here are some changes you can make:

  1. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth

  2. Install a water-saving showerhead

  3. Jump in the shower as soon as it’s hot!

  4. Install efficient faucets

  5. Switch your traditional toilet for a low-flow toilet

  6. Add a faucet aerator to save water without sacrificing water pressure

  7. Fix leaks ASAP!

5. Unplug

Anything you leave plugged in, even if it’s not on, uses electricity. Make sure you unplug hair accessories, electric toothbrushes, electric razors, etc. to avoid any extra power use. Also, be sure to check on them frequently if they need time to heat up. Make sure they are not just sitting around using energy!

6. Windows

We can’t talk about energy efficiency and not mention windows! If you have windows or skylights in your bathroom, they allow air to enter and exit the room, making it harder for your home to heat or cool the area. As an ENERGY STAR Partner, our replacement window company prioritizes cutting-edge technology to help you lower those ever-climbing energy costs. Many of our customers start saving the very same day that their windows are installed! Learn more here.

Even if you’re not thinking about remodeling, these small changes can help you reduce your electric bill and lower your carbon footprint. Do your part for the planet and #GoGreen!

If you’re contemplating including these changes into your next bathroom remodel, we want to help! Click here to schedule your free quote and make sure to check out our special offers and see where you can save!

5 Decor Ideas to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom on a Budget

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we should love the space we’re in. While sometimes that calls for a completely new tub or shower, there are many small ideas you can do that are quick, easy, and budget-friendly. Here are a few… 

A coat of paint…

Most bathrooms these days are a nice, neutral white, beige, or gray. But if you still have some peeling wallpaper or a lovely shade of pink on the walls, a great first step is a paint refresh. One can of water-resistant paint goes a long way! Choose a color palette that promotes peace and tranquility, like simple earth tones and calm blues.

Add a tub tray…

DIY your own or order one online. You can use it for decorations or prop up a book, set down a glass of wine, or hold a streaming device.

Hang up some wall art…

Find artwork you like or have fun making your own – use messages you’d like to be reminded of daily. Like with a real spa, you should leave your space feeling positive and optimistic!

Add some live plants…

A few live plants will adorn the space, help purify the air, and give your area a touch of nature. Opt for plants that love humidity and thrive in low-light conditions, like Peace Lillies, Ferns, and ZZ Plants.

Bring in your favorite scents… 

Icky odors don’t create good feelings. Candles can bring a cozy look to your bathroom while taking care of the odor problem. Diffusers and essential oils are other great options. Relaxing scents to include are lavender and jasmine.

These quick, easy ideas will have you loving your bathroom in no time. If you find that you need more extensive help, we’d love to come out for a free quoteChanging your tub, retiling your bathroom, adding a new vanity, or even expanding your bathroom will completely change the feel of the space. Contact us today!